I tried to be a morning person earlier and went to the Gym at 6:30am in the morning and I could manage it fairly well. However, since the birth of my child four years back, I have slowly and gradually started to wake up late (~7:45am) and sleep much later, usually around ~1:30am. I tried to change it since the last year, but couldn’t as working from home, with the kid around, there was absolute no time left for me — whether it’s time for reflection or time to spend on something else. Everything was revolving around work, kid and…

Alright, we saw how to get started with development using docker here. Now, let’s setup Kubernetes (K8s) and move our existing app to K8s.

Again, the intent here is an introduction of K8s. Hence, I will not be going into the details but just touching the surface and moving our existing App to K8s. So, let’s get started.

Here is what we will be covering —

  1. Setting up K8s using Docker Desktop or manually using hyperkit and minikube
  2. Moving the mysql database to K8s
  3. Moving the redis instance to K8s
  4. Moving the App to K8s
  5. Getting it all together by…

Let me first start with my motivation to create this. I thought of exploring a few technologies and what better to build a simple sample. So, I will talk through an example of building a simple URL Shortener Service.

Though, I had some knowledge of working with node, express and mysql, I was totally new to things such as redis and docker. So, with limited prior knowledge, I started last weekend and spent mostly about an hour or so every day to get it to the state that it’s in right now.

The intent here is an introduction of these…

Sameer Bhatt

I write about Technology, Leadership & Life in general. Views are personal.

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