Yes, you can become a morning person!

I tried to be a morning person earlier and went to the Gym at 6:30am in the morning and I could manage it fairly well. However, since the birth of my child four years back, I have slowly and gradually started to wake up late (~7:45am) and sleep much later, usually around ~1:30am. I tried to change it since the last year, but couldn’t as working from home, with the kid around, there was absolute no time left for me — whether it’s time for reflection or time to spend on something else. Everything was revolving around work, kid and related activities. So, I wanted to improve and as Dale Carnegie said —

“Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.”

Here is my motivation — My previous routine sucked and I wanted to have some quality time for myself. Waking up late, doing Yoga (that’s absolutely necessary to keep me going considering my slip-disc), and then work. Late evenings were reserved as playtime with my kid. I wasn’t doing any workout as well. By the time, I get some time for myself, usually late night, I was too tired to do anything. So, I use to wrap up some work tasks or binge watch. I knew this won’t work for long…

Then, in June, I stumbled upon Rajan’s (HabitStrong) Become A Morning Person Bootcamp. It’s a four weeks program, wherein individuals with a common goal come together to beat the habit of waking up late. There are two options 5am and 6am. I didn’t want to be too adventurous and enrolled for the 6am Bootcamp starting from 14th June.

Become a Morning Person Bootcamp

The program is about creating discipline in life and making waking up early a Habit. It starts sharp at 6am with meditation, then journaling, and followed up with a workout of your choice. In this duration you are also encouraged to maintain some Habits — reading a book, etc..

My experience with the program was really great! Everything is provided for us to become successful — guidance by Rajan, Meditation and support by expert coaches and answers to some frequently asked questions that we would have in mind when starting on such a journey.

I started to look forward to the morning sessions and woke up at ~5:45am in the morning to be present in the session starting at sharp 6am. The Meditation session is about focus on your breadth, letting the thoughts come and go. Accept them as they inundate your mind without judging and continue to focus. After the Meditation was the most interesting part — journaling. You can continue to write your thoughts or work on a prompt given by the coach. At times, you will feel you can just continue to write the whole day, other times, you might feel short of words. Both are fine, no one is judging 🙂 On weekends, you can continue to practice on your own by using guided meditation by Rajan.

Now, waking up early is a Big task, and it can’t be done without sleeping well on time. I was pretty sure that the previous routine of sleeping at 1:30am won’t work. So, I had to make a deliberate attempt to switch off the lights early. I did this by trying to goto sleep by 11pm but could only manage to sleep by 12am. The side-effects — groggy feeling in the beginning, tired-ness the entire day. The key here is to find your own routine that works and I’m still getting better at mine. For me, after the morning meditation, workout and Yoga, if I feel groggy, I do Shavasana and at times sleep for 15–20 mins to wake-up with renewed energy to go through the entire day. At times, I feel active and continue to read a book before starting work. Other times, afternoons are awful and 10 mins of Headspace works wonder.

How did I continue on weekends and even continuing now? Referring to the guided meditation by Rajan helped a lot on the weekends. I also use Headspace, it has a good wake-up routine to start your day. And yes, don’t forget the workout. Even if you feel like skipping it for a day.. Don’t!

Headspace Wake-up Routine
Headspace Wake-up Routine

Again, this has been my experience so far and I’m getting better at it. You have to find what works for you.
If you are serious on becoming a morning person, I would highly recommend the HabitStrong Bootcamp. At least give it a try for a month. I’m pretty sure, you won’t be dis-appointed 🙂 I’ll end with what Jim Rohn said —

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”